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…In country music. 


This has been the campaign across not only Nashville but many cities who have the opportunity to listen to country music radio broadcaster Bobby Bones. He started this hashtag #ILoveWomen in country music after radio executive Keith Hill was interviewed and went on record bashing women in country radio. He explained that in order to be the top radio station with the best ratings don’t play the female artists. “Men are the lettuce or our salad and women are the tomatoes,” Hill said.

Not only did those words hurt but they started an even bigger uprising in the country radio industry among female artists, radio broadcasters and also the fans. Bobby Bones is one of the most well known radio broadcasters especially in Nashville where female artists are heavily present.

Being the classy guy Bobby Bones is he started this campaign and invited all women of country music to come on his show to sing and speak of the importance of female artists in country radio. This has made me appreciate and love the women in country so much more than usual. Being a woman you always want more women singers so there are more songs to relate to and sing along too. And right now it seems like all the female artists are out in full force putting their awesome music out there.

For example Kelsea Ballerini’s song Love Me Like You Mean It, just went number one in spite of all this nonsense. More artists like Kelsea have also stepped up and are making themselves heard like Raelynn, Maddie & Tae, Ashley Monroe, Cam, Kacey Musgraves, etc. But there is one female artist who has always been a favorite who all the younger women admire, Martina McBride. She stood up for her “tomatoes” and made t shirts for people to buy to be apart of this and express how much women in country music mean.

So the next time you think about bashing women in country music, Don’t!

Go give these women a follow and then listen their music, you won’t regret it.

@MaddieandTae  @kramergirl  @camcountry  @KelseaBallerini

I dare you.

Champions or Cheaters

The St. Louis Cardinals have become victims of a pretty heated scandal. On June 16, 2015 the New York Times posted an article stating the Cardinal Way had been altered and that they may not return to the “clean as a whistle” club they use to be known for.

The article states that the FBI have been investigating the Cardinals for hacking into the Houston Astros database and stealing player information along with other information. According to Manager Mike Matheny he had no knowledge of this until the day this was released and he was glad for it. Also General Manager John Mozeliak stated that this is not who we are and we are determined to get to the bottom of this.

Growing up in St. Louis and being a die hard Cardinal fan is really pretty awesome. Being one of the best teams in baseball for multiple seasons, being respected and known for our “Cardinal Way” in being honest and prideful is something to love about my city. Then when someone tries to alter that image is something I take seriously. I may just be a college girl who loves baseball and this may just be a game but its my city people are accusing and I take pride in where I grew up and the teams I cheer for, especially when we are known for being the best without cheating.

Since the allegations, I feel like our owner and general manger have done a really good job with handling the media and press. They have stated that they are working with the FBI and being as corporative as possible. No other allegations or charges have been filed since the news broke and Im not sure if we will hear anymore. Thats just something we will have to deal with if, and when the time comes.

I, however, will stand by my team and my city no matter the outcome. After all that’s what being a hometown girl means, right?

Music Freaks Unite…

What is one thing that can change your mood instantly, and have an effect on you for a lifetime? Well music of course. What would we do without music in our lives? To be honest I think I would be completely lost.

Over this past semester we were told to find an app and start using it. The app I chose to use is Spotify. I had used it on occasion before but never really cared for it, until now.

Spotify has opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. I love almost every kind of music so to have this app that lets me connect with my friends and their music as well as the artists I love it’s a win, win!

You might wonder why I started using Spotify and the answer is simple. Its easy to use and it lets you have access to all the music you want. Spotify is unique in its own way because it lets you make your own playlist, and name the playlist but also put whatever songs you want into a playlist. For college age kids like me it’s a dream come true. Of course we want the music we here on the radio on our phones but how do we get it when were broke? The answer is yet again simple, Spotify. You can have as many songs as you want or as little of songs you want, however if you have less than 20 in a playlist Spotify will add songs that are similar into the playlist. It can be good if you like hearing new music that’s similar to the playlist you made. Also it lets you find your friends through Facebook and follow their playlists and they can follow yours its actually really awesome. Yes there are advertisements like any free app but they aren’t as overwhelming as say Pandora.

So why not Pandora? I think it’s a fair question but then my question would be why not Spotify? Pandora is a good music station but it’s very closed minded when it comes to how you listen to the music you like. Pandora lets you have playlists but it is only based on genres or the years of genres, artists, or songs. Say you want a specific song to listen to, you have to make a playlist hoping that song will eventually play after all the advertisements go through. Also Pandora doesn’t let you rename the playlist and it only lets you skip three times where Spotify lets you skip six times. Pandora really isn’t easy or convenient enough for my music needs and wants.

Spotify is also the reason I chose to download the app Shazam. Shazam is a music app that helps you figure out the name, artist, and album a song came from. If a song plays that you like on the radio or in a TV show and you like it but don’t know who it is, all you have to do is Shazam it. Which means you open the app, hold down the big blue button in the middle and the app listens to the song and automatically tells you what the song is, who sings, and which album it came from. It also gives you other similar artists to the song it just listened to. Then on top of that it keeps all you history of past Shazam’s so anything you had it listen to is still stored for one day when you want to go back and find that artist you liked.

The good thing about having Shazam and Spotify is that you can use them together. If you let Shazam listen to a song you like and you find the artist, you can then go to Spotify and look up the artist to see of there are other sings by them that you like. If there is you can make a new playlist with the new artist you just found. So for me it’s another win, win!

I have become one of those obsessed music freaks who have too many playlists and cant listen to all the music I have but still make more playlists anyway. Because honestly you can never have too much music because music is what makes the world go round and with out it wed all be lost souls searching for something we had no idea we were searching for…

Vinyl or Digital…

Have you made the switch to digital like everyone else?

Its convenient, easy to use, you can play your music non-stop without having to move. But really, what’s the big deal? In honor of Record Store Day started back in 2007 I decided to share my voice on my thoughts on the vinyl comeback… if there is one.

Sure I was born in a generation where when I was little I would listen to music on a cassette tape but not long before it changed to CD’s. Then of course came the transition to straight digital where you get all your music online and don’t even have to go to the store to get your favorite music. Yes, it is nice being able to pre-order an album and then having it instantly right when its available to you. But is that all music is now? How fast we can get it and listen to the content. Apparently that’s what it has become.

Old vs New

Alas! Vinyl is making that much needed comeback just like some of us had hoped it would. Personally I love digital music because of how easy it is to get but somewhere along the way I connected to the generation who grew up with vinyl records and thought why not? People always say that vinyl sounds so much better and crisper then all the digital music today. I agree to a point, I do have record player and vinyls that I listen to, can I tell a difference? Yes, I can but is it that much of a difference? I don’t know. I think there would be a greater difference if I had a record player that was from the generation that they were made, not the remastered one I have that was made in 2011. 

However, I do have vinyl records and to me they hold a special place for me in my life. I don’t know why honestly but they do. I think it may be that I feel connected to that particular generation and the way they lived. Call me old fashioned but somedays I wish I could go back and live in the ’80s with all the retro furniture, vinyl records, and awesome cars! Of course I might be a little lost with out my smartphone but clearly they didn’t need those when they had friends next door and record shops down the street. It’s always something I’m going to wish for is that simplicity of life and the idea that music is all we really need.

So what about this comeback? Are we even calling it a comeback? YES!

The comeback has arrived and according to this article by Lee Barron vinyl topped the growing charts in 2014 by more that 50% to hit over one million. And that growth level is continuing into 2015. It’s exciting to see this comeback happen. I think the reason for it is because those who were kids listening to vinyl are now the ones behind the desks and producing the music and they know just how special vinyl is and can be to this generation as well.

For my sake and the sake of all the other “lost souls” trying to find themselves in this crazy digital music world we live in today, I hope vinyl makes the biggest comeback yet and stays. I don’t care if digital is still the number one way to get music as long as there’s a secondary route for all the real music lovers…

NHL Playoff Brackets? 

The time to become an NHL fan is now, not only because the sport is becoming more widespread but also because technology is advancing the way we watch the playoffs just like college basketball.

Do you like playing the bracket challenge with College Basketball? Do you like hockey? Well today is your lucky day. Not only are the Stanley Cup Playoffs the best time to watch hockey its now becoming more fan friendly even if you don’t like hockey that much.

The NHL has sponsored with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service and created the Match-Up Analysis to help fans play the bracket challenge during the playoffs and connect better to their teams but also the teams they don’t normally watch during the regular season. It also lets people who don’t watch hockey at all have a chance to interact with other fans who love hockey. However, it’s becoming an instrument not only for the fans but also for the actual teams in the playoffs. Because what better way to learn about your opponent who you haven’t played during the regular season? This technology could help those underdog teams to learn what it is they need in order to have the edge over their opponent or not.

For me personally I think it’s a nice feature to have to analyze the hockey teams and to see which teams have the edge over another team or not. But at the same time I’m asking myself why is it necessary to have bracket challenge for hockey? There isn’t one for baseball or football so why hockey? To be honest I don’t know. I think its maybe the fact that NHL has never had the same amount of viewers as football and baseball so this is a way to get more viewers and then hopefully those viewers stick around for the next season and watch it in its entirety.

Will this technology help in the long run? I really don’t know. I hope it boosts the start of the love of hockey and become a better fan-based sport but will it? I think it’s a good way to start the transition. I’ve always liked hockey and been a fan of it. I think not until you go to an actual game do you really become a fan, until then, watching the game on TV just isn’t the same. So with that being said if you haven’t been to a game, go now while the teams are on fire and wanting that need to move on to win the Cup! Then once you’ve seen a live game try the bracket challenge analysis and see what the hype is about.

2015 World Series Champions…

The year 2015 may have just started but who says it’s too early to pick who will win the 2015 World Series Champions?

Well according to Sports Illustrated its not too early at all!

This year SI is predicting that the Cleveland Indians will break their 67-year drought and break out to win the title. Now I will give them credit for being outrageous in their pick but they did predict the champions correctly in 1987 when they predicted that Cory Snyder and Joe Carter would produce like they imagined they would and they made the right call that year.

But coming from a St. Louis Cardinal fan that’s a bitter pill to swallow. Not only do they not having us winning the title they have us losing to The Los Angeles Dodgers in the division series not even making it a fourth in to the playoffs. Now that really didn’t sit well with me.

I can understand not winning the title but not even getting close is where I think they are wrong and this is why…

The St. Louis Cardinals have more than just a few stars on their roster or should we say stacked roster? With MVP, Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger Award winners all on the team it’s hard to lose and it’s also hard to count them out of the race for the title. We have been to the playoffs 11 times since 2000 and have won the title twice. Now who’s to say this year we wont do it again? Definitely not me.

With stars on our team like Adam Wainwright, Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina, newly added Jason Heyward, Matt Adams, Johnny Peralta, and many more it’s hard to not see this group of guys as contenders for the title. But alas I haven’t even mentioned the possible pitching rotation, with Adam Wainwright leading us off then Lance Lynn followed by John Lackey and Michael Wacha. Now the fifth spot is a little of a toss up with Jaime Garcia going back on the DL but we still have strong contenders in Marco Gonzales and Carlos Martinez.

I’m not going to lie I’m pretty excited about this season and to see how our guys will succeed. One thing I am most excited for is Adam Wainwright; he’s coming off one of his best years. Not only did he dominate in the regular season he stepped up big time in the playoffs defeating LA Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw twice. Now having said that it still blows my mind to think he did all that and still wasn’t recognized with the Cy Young Award. Clayton Kershaw was. Now don’t get me wrong Clayton Kershaw is a great pitcher and he also had a stellar season with a No-Hitter but the way Waino came in, in the playoffs and shut him down should show you how great he really is. We fans know it, the whole organization knows it and more importantly Adam Wainwright knows it. He deserves the Cy Young Award more than anyone in the game and I believe 2015 is his year.

Not only do I think it is Adam Wainwright’s year I think it’s The St. Louis Cardinals year to rise and shine once again to bring the World Series trophy back home to Busch Stadium. America’s pastime just keeps getting better and better with every year.

Sunday April 5th, 2015 Cardinals vs. Cubs in Chicago, it really can’t get here soon enough!

Meerkat Stands On Its Own…

Meerkat and Periscope the new live-streaming apps!

Over the weekend Twitter came out with its own version of a live streaming app to basically destroy the competition Meerkat. Periscope is Twitters version of one-upping Meerkat and to get them to quit trying. However Meerkat is not done! They came out with an update late after Periscope hit the market. Its supposed to improve the app to where the users who are already on Meerkat don’t leave for Periscope. Read for yourself and decide which you’d rather have, Meerkat or Periscope.

I will admit that I have put both applications on my phone. I had Meerkat for about a week and a half and then this past week I added Periscope. I liked Meerkat however the one problem is not being able to connect your Twitter followers to Meerkat. Other than that I actually liked Meerkat and found it pretty interesting. When Periscope came out I knew I needed to see how they were different. My thoughts on Periscope when it first came out were that there was almost too much going on. I thought all the commenting available while streaming was kind of annoying and didn’t think it was necessary for it to pop up on your screen while actually streaming your video. So I went back to Meerkat to see what was happening while streaming on theirs. After then comparing both I was shocked to realize that I liked Periscope better. I liked it better because I actually liked when I could see the comments from those watching with me, it was intriguing knowing they felt the same way I did, or also if they didn’t like quite as much.

Now having said that the improvements Meerkat has made to make them still apart of the game were crucial for them to stick around. I personally don’t think I will use them until something happens with the connection of followers and getting them straight from Twitter or wherever. We talked in class that maybe SnapChat could be behind something in the making with the similar logos. I think if SnapChat gets involved there could be huge things to happen with Meerkat but right now its not quite there.

Personally I think both of these apps are a little bit before their time. I think its almost too soon for technology like this but at the same time its pretty cool to see what is happening with technology and wondering how far it could really go. To think how we first reacted to Twitter and thinking posting every thought we have whenever we want was crazy to now taking that to what were seeing and doing 24/7 and to have people joining us without knowing them is crazy! Twitter was definitely before its time but look at it now, its grown to where almost everyone is on it and sharing there every thought on it. Now we have a new app that is also before its time and people aren’t really sure what to do with it.

Like we discussed in class the idea of #whatdoidowithmyhands and not knowing what to do and how to work this new technology because it is new but its also exciting to see how this app will change and improve just over the next few months.


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